Public Prosecutor v Ng Boon Teck

CourtMagistrates' Court (Singapore)
JudgeGilbert Low Teik Seang
Judgment Date02 July 2004
Neutral Citation[2004] SGMC 6
Citation[2004] SGMC 6
Published date07 July 2004
Plaintiff CounselStation Inspector Wee Kim Cheock
Defendant CounselAccused acting in person

2 July 2004

Magistrate Gilbert Low:

1 The accused, acting in person, pleaded guilty before me at first mention to the following charge:

You … are charged that you, on the 23rd day of February 2003, at or about 4.45 pm, at along Ayer Rajah Expressway towards City near to Alexandra Road exit, Singapore, did voluntarily cause hurt to one Tan Pang Meng Vincent, male 28 years of age, to wit, by punching him on his stomach, face, shoulder and arm with your right hand, you have thereby committed an offence punishable under Section 323 of the Penal Code, Chapter 224.

2 At the time when the plea of guilt of the accused was entered, I had ensured that he understood the nature and consequences of his plea of guilt. The Statement of Facts that the accused admitted to without any qualification read as:

The victim cum complainant is Mr Tan Pang Meng Vincent, male Chinese 29 Years of age, NRIC S7501635-B.

2 The witness is Ng Chai Hong, female Chinese, 29 years of age, NRIC No: S7443913-F. She is also the wife of the complainant.

3 The defendant is Ng Boon Teck, male Chinese, 32 years of age, NRIC: S7100056-G.

4 On 23.02.2003 at about 5.15 pm, an unknown male caller called ‘999’ to informed(sic) that “Two drivers fighting. I think due to accident’.

5 Investigation revealed that on the 23.02.2003 at about 4.45 p.m., at along AYE towards City near Alexandra Road exit, the victim was assaulted by the defendant over a minor road traffic accident involving the victim’s company van, GR3576H and the defendant’s car, SDL2153T. The defendant had pulled the victim to his car and pointed to a dent at the left rear portion of his car and said to the victim ‘you see you see look at my car’. The victim tried to break loose the grip by shoving the defendant’s hands off his shirt and asking him to release him. The victim then managed to break loose defendant’s grip and the witness came to intervene to resolve the dispute between the victim and the defendant by explaining the circumstances that led to the incident.

6 The defendant did not accept the explanation given by the witness that they have kept a safety distance from the defendant’s car. The defendant got more agitated and when the victim asked the defendant whether he is going to hit him, his reply was ‘yes’. The victim then told the defendant that if he dares to hit him, he will call the police. The defendant then used his right fist to give the victim a punch on the stomach, which caused him to bend forward and followed by another punch on his left facial. The victim’s spectacles then flew off. The defendant then continued to assault the victim on his left shoulder and arm. The witness then tried to shield the victim from the assaults and the defendant stop the assault and left the scene. The assaulted(sic) had result(sic) the victim’s shirt to be torn and his spectacle frame was twisted.

7 The medical report from Doctor Jean Ho Chin Ching revealed that the victim was seen at Emergency Department of Alexandra Hospital on 23.02.2003 at 1853 hrs. The report also revealed the follow(sic) injuries on the victim:

i) A 2 cm circular bruise at the front left ear,

ii) A 1 cm bruise at the left clavicle,

iii) A 2 cm bruise at the left shoulder,

iv) Two 3 cm scratches at the left shoulder,

v) A 2 cm circular bruise at the anterior abdominal wall.

The report also state that injuries i, ii, iii and v were consistent with blows from a blunt object and injury...

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