Chuan Gin Synn v Public Prosecutor

CourtMagistrates' Court (Singapore)
JudgeChong Kah Wei
Published date19 September 2003



1. On 7 November 2002, the Appellant, Chuah Gin Synn ("Chuah") pleaded guilty before me to one charge of theft under section 379 of the Penal Code, Cap. 224.

2. The charge (marked "P1") stated that on 28 October 2002 at or about 3.00 pm, at Metro Department Store situated within Causeway Point Shopping Centre located at 1 Woodlands Square #02-20, Singapore, Chuah committed theft of the following items with a total value of S$259.70:

a. One ‘Triumph’ Bra valued at S$64.90

b. One ‘Concept’ Blouse valued at S$16.00

c. One ‘Concept’ Blouse valued at S$13.00

d. One ‘Concept’ Blouse valued at S$13.90

e. One ‘Pastel’ Blouse valued at S$13.90

f. One ‘Basic’ Blouse valued at S$19.00

g. One ‘Beneto’ Blouse valued at S$29.00

h. One ‘Express’ Blouse valued at S$19.00

i. One ‘Zone’ Blouse valued at S$29.00

j. One ‘Beneto’ Blouse valued at S$26.00

k. One ‘Concept’ Blouse valued at S$16.00.

3. The prescribed punishment was explained to Chuah, who understood the nature and consequences of her plea.

Statement of Facts

4. Chuah admitted without qualification to the Statement of Facts (marked "A"). The facts showed that Chuah is an Australian national, currently residing in Northern Territory, Australia. On 28 October 2002 at about 3.56 pm, one Manisah Binte Ali ("Manisah"), a security officer of Metro Department Store, Causeway Point, called the police and informed them that a female shoplifter had been detained.

5. Investigations revealed that on 28 October 2002 at about 3.00 pm, Manisah was performing her duty on the second floor of Causeway Point when she saw Chuah behaving suspiciously. Chuah had a black plastic bag hanging from her left elbow and was holding on to several pieces of clothing from the store in both her hands. Manisah then saw Chuah put one piece of clothing into the black plastic bag she was carrying. Chuah then put another two clothing items from the store into the black plastic bag.

6. Manisah then saw Chuah going into the fitting room on a few occasions and observed Chuah putting another white blouse into her black plastic bag with her right hand while she held up another blouse with her left hand to obscure her actions. Manisah also witnessed Chuah selecting a red dress and going to the counter to pay for it. In the midst of paying for some of her purchases, Chuah decided against buying one gold-coloured bra and offered to return it to the allocated area. However, Manisah saw Chuah putting...

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