Siaw Kah Pin v Public Prosecutor

CourtDistrict Court (Singapore)
JudgeNg Peng Hong
Judgment Date25 November 2009
Neutral Citation[2009] SGDC 450
Citation[2009] SGDC 450
Published date01 December 2009
Plaintiff CounselASP Lam Peng Choy
Defendant CounselAccused in person

25 November 2009

District Judge Ng Peng Hong

1 The accused claimed trial to the amended charge of intentionally causing alarm to Police Sergeant Iswady bin Idris by holding a 20-cm bladed knife and confronting the said police sergeant in a threatening behaviour, an offence punishable under Section 13A(1)(a) Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act, Cap 184. He was found guilty and convicted. He was fined $15000 in default 1 week’s imprisonment. He is currently serving his default sentence and will be released on 25 Nov 2009. The accused is appealing against the conviction and sentence.

2 The evidence adduced by the Prosecution was as follows. On 5 May 2009, Police Sergeant Iswady bin Idris (PW1) together with Cpl Roy Tan Wei Xiang (PW2) went to 605, Hougang Avenue 4, #02-186, Singapore, in response to the first information report. Both these officers gave evidence. Their evidence was substantially the same.

3 On arrival at the scene, PW1 and PW2 heard shouting coming from the 2nd storey of the block. They then proceeded to the corridor leading to unit #02-187 where the accused was residing. PW1 called for the accused. The accused came forward but subsequently stormed back to his unit #02-187. The accused then came out holding a 20cm bladed knife (P3). He was warned to put down the knife. The accused became agitated. He then raised the knife and walked towards PW1 and PW2. As the accused was approaching the police officers, PW1 issued a warning to the accused to put down the knife and at the same time PW1 unbuckled his revolver’s holster as he feared for his safety and that of PW2. The accused stopped but was still holding the knife and questioned PW1. PW1 told him to put down the weapon as he wanted to bring him to hospital. When accused was walking towards PW1, he was very agitated. He hurled vulgarities at the police officers before returning to his house. In the meantime, Cpl Roy called for additional police reinforcements. Upon the arrival of more police officers and more coaching, the accused came out of his house and was arrested. A search was conducted at the house for the knife (P3). It was recovered and seized from the accused’s room.

4 The mother of the accused, Toh Goh Lan (PW3), also gave evidence for the prosecution. She testified that on the day in question the accused was crying as he did not take his medication. She wanted to bring him to see a doctor. She called her friend Soh Kheng (PW5) who suggested calling the...

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