Muslim Law

Citation(2017) 18 SAL Ann Rev 651
Publication year2017
Date01 December 2017
AuthorMOHAMED FAIZAL Mohamed Abdul Kadir LLB (Hons) (National University of Singapore), LLM (Harvard); Attorney and Counsellor-at-law (New York); Deputy Chief Prosecutor & Senior State Counsel, Criminal Justice Division, Attorney-General's Chambers; Member of the MUIS Appeal Board.
Published date01 December 2017

22.1 In 2017, there was only one decision involving Muslim law in the Singapore Law Reports, that is, the five-judge Court of Appeal decision of TMO v TMP.1 This decision (and the High Court decision that was the subject of the appeal) was discussed at some length in a previous edition of this Chapter.2

22.2. Separately, no grounds of decision were issued by the MUIS3 Appeal Board in 2017.

2 See (2016) 17 SAL Ann Rev 604 at 611–613, paras 22.18–22.23.

3 “MUIS” stands for “Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura”.

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