Muslim Law

Citation(2017) 18 SAL Ann Rev 651
Date01 December 2017
Publication year2017
Published date01 December 2017

22.1 In 2017, there was only one decision involving Muslim law in the Singapore Law Reports, that is, the five-judge Court of Appeal decision of TMO v TMP.1 This decision (and the High Court decision that was the subject of the appeal) was discussed at some length in a previous edition of this Chapter.2

22.2. Separately, no grounds of decision were issued by the MUIS3 Appeal Board in 2017.

2 See (2016) 17 SAL Ann Rev 604 at 611–613, paras 22.18–22.23.

3 “MUIS” stands for “Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura”.

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