Lim Stella v Wong Shaw Seng

CourtDistrict Court (Singapore)
JudgeDoris Lai-Chia Lee Mui
Judgment Date28 November 2000
Neutral Citation[2000] SGDC 48
Citation[2000] SGDC 48
Published date19 September 2003



1. The Petitioner (‘wife’) and the Respondent (‘husband’) were married on 7 June 1991. On 15th February 2000, a decree nisi was granted to the wife based on the husband’s unreasonable behaviour. The parties have 2 sons aged 28 and 23 years. The elder son is a teacher, while the younger son is a student at the Singapore Institute of Management.

2. The ancillary issues were adjourned to chambers and on 29 September 2000, I made the following orders:-

(1) The husband shall within 4 months of the order transfer his share, title and interest in the matrimonial property known as #04-44 Mandarin Gardens to the wife. The husband shall make the necessary refund to his CPF account including accrued interest and the wife shall be responsible for the costs incurred in the transfer;

(2) The husband shall pay to the wife the following:-

(a) $800,000 being the wife’s share of the matrimonial assets;

(b) $100,000 being lump sum maintenance for the wife;

(3) The husband shall be entitled to retain the club membership in the Singapore Recreation Club;

(4) Each party to retain the car held in their respective names;

(5) In respect of the $800,000 payable by the husband to the wife in 2(a) above, the said amount shall be payable by monthly instalments of $100,000 with effect from 1 November 2000;

(6) The husband is to pay costs to the wife fixed at $10,000;

(7) Parties be at liberty to apply.

3. The husband being dissatisfied with orders (1), (2)(a), (5) and (6) have now appealed against those orders.


4. The assets held by the parties consist of:-

(1) The matrimonial home at Blk 5, Siglap Road, #04-44, Mandarin Gardens;

(2) The parties’ respective CPF accounts;

(3) Stocks and shares held by the parties;

(4) Savings in their respective bank accounts;

(5) Cars in their respective names; and

(6) Singapore Recreation Club membership.

5. The husband is an Assistant Manager in the Internal Audit Department of Singapore Airlines (SIA) and had an income of $7,652 gross per month. Apart from his full time job with SIA, he was also the General Secretary of his Union and received an honorarium of $880 per month. As a director of Cross Holdings Pte Ltd he was paid director's fees of $700/- per month. The husband also traded heavily in shares of quoted companies and earned substantial income from the shares. The wife had alleged that the husband had started mass selling his shares after the divorce proceedings were initiated.

6. I had therefore suggest and this was accepted by the parties that in view of the husband's heavy trading in shares, for the purpose of determining the amount of shares held by each party, the shares held by them individually as at 31st August 1998 shall be considered. This was because the Divorce Petition was filed on 6 August 1999. As for the value of the shares, the husband subsequently provided the value of the said shares as at 4 August 2000 and 5 September 2000. The 4th of August 2000 was the first date the matter was heard while the subsequent date for hearing of this matter where further submissions were tendered was 8 September 2000. As the husband's OCBC bank account was tied up with his shares trading, it was also agreed by the parties that for the purpose of division of the assets, the amount standing in the bank accounts of parties as at 31 August shall be considered.

7. The undisputed assets held by the parties in their names and their respective value are as follows:-




(i) CAR

[1996 – Nisson March]



b) MBB

c) UOB

(iii) SHARES


(iv) CPF

(Ordinary and special account)


40,000 – 50,000 [Average 45,000]




Total 49,867.12




(i) CAR

Mercedes Benz




c) MBB

d) MBB

e) MBB FD (MR 50,000)


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