Lim Siong Khee v Public Prosecutor

CourtDistrict Court (Singapore)
JudgeP Siva Shanmugam
Judgment Date31 January 2001
Neutral Citation[2001] SGDC 32
Citation[2001] SGDC 32
Published date19 September 2003


Grounds of Decision


1. The accused claimed trial to a charge of causing Mailcity's email server to secure unauthorised access to the electronic mailbox of a mailcity email account holder, an offence under Section 3(1) of the Computer Misuse Act, Chapter 50A (Revised Edition 1998).

2. The charge against the accused reads as follows:

"You, Lim Siong Khee are charged that you, in the month of May 1999, in Singapore, did knowingly cause Mailcitys e-mail server to perform a function for the purpose of securing access without authority to the electronic mailbox of a mailcity account holder with the user name "chongyc", via remote dial-up access to the said server using the said user name and password without the consent of the account holder and you have committed an offence under Section 3(1) of the Computer Misuse Act, Chapter 50A (Revised Edition 1998)"

3. At the conclusion of the trial the court convicted the accused and sentenced him to imprisonment for a term of 5 months.


4. PW2 Ms Chong Yan Cheng gave evidence that at the material time she used her mailcity email account at to send personal and official emails to her friends and colleagues. She registered this account in 1998. The password to this email account was her birth date. She had 2 other email accounts namely and She first met the accused in 1998.

5. Ms Chong and the accused subsequently went on a trip to Europe together sometime in April 1999. Ms Chong added that the two were in a relationship during this period of time.

6. Upon their return to Singapore, Ms Chong decided to end their relationship as she felt that they were not compatible.

7. The accused did not receive this very well and began to stalk and harass her. The harassment took the form of junk emails, nuisance phone calls and trailing her physically.

8. In April 1999 Ms Chong was unable to log onto her email account at Assuming there was a problem with the server she ignored the matter. She was able to log on subsequently. However when her further attempts to log on where met with difficulties she began to suspect that someone may be tampering with her account. Her suspicions were confirmed when an email P8 dated 30 April 1999 was sent to her at Singapore Press Holdings with the message yan cheng, yr mailcity is out again..'. When she subsequently managed to gain access to her mailcity email account again she changed her password.

9. Ms Chong also told the court that she was puzzled when the accused knew her whereabouts and made this known to her. The accused had known about her stay in Mariott Hotel with two of her friends on 8 & 9 May 1999 and her meeting with NTUC.

10. On 9 May 1999, email P2 was sent from the account to several friends of Ms Chong. This email titled 'SPECIAL RELATION' was addressed to Ms Chong. It carried offensive descriptive details of her purported intimate relations with the accused on their Europe trip. This email caused much humiliation and embarrassment to Ms Chong. Both Ms Chong and one of the recipients of this mail namely PW1 Ms Iris Tang, were of the view that that it was the accused who had drafted and circulated this mail after gaining access to Ms Chong's mailcity email account. Ms Chong felt that the accused must have gained access to her mailcity email account by guessing the password correctly.

11. Ms Chong confronted the accused who then admitted to her that it was he who had accessed her mailcity email account after correctly guessing her password. He also admitted to changing the password intermittently thus preventing her from accessing her account on earlier occasions. The accused told her that he was able to gain access to the said account even after she changed the password as the computer would prompt the new password if one was to answer the hint question correctly. The answer to the hint question in this case was also Ms Chong's birthdate. The accused also told her that he was able to trace her physical whereabouts by reading the mails in her mailcity email account.

12. Ms Chong added that she had not at any one time authorised the accused to access her email account. Neither had she given him her password to any of her email accounts

13. Ms Chong's friend, Ms Tang, upon...

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