Dyna-Jet Pte Ltd v Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co Ltd

CourtDistrict Court (Singapore)
JudgeFoo Tuat Yien
Judgment Date27 January 2001
Neutral Citation[2001] SGDC 26
Citation[2001] SGDC 26
Published date19 September 2003


Grounds of Decision


1. This is an appeal by the defendants, Hyundai Engineering and Construction Co Ltd ( hereinafter called "Hyundai ) against my decision on 18th December 2000 to allow an appeal by the plaintiffs, Dyna-Jet Pte Ltd ( hereinafter called Dyna-Jet ) to the extent of granting leave to Hyundai to defend the action subject to Hyundai providing a bankers guarantee for the amount of Dyna-Jets claim, being $150,586 to the lattersatisfaction within 14 days. In default thereof, Dyna-Jet were to be at libery to enter judgement with interest at the rate of 6% from the date of writ to date of judgement. Ms Irene Wu, the Deputy Registrar had earlier granted Hyundai unconditional leave to defend.


2. This is a claim by the Dyna-Jet against Hyundai for $150, 586 being a claim for the cost of services rendered by Dyna-Jet. Dyna-Jet were engaged by Hyundai to carry out clearance of grout blockages ( ie hardened concrete) in sewer lines for a project known as the Seletar Treatment Works Phase III pursuant to the terms of an agreement as set out in Dyna-Jets letter dated 12 April 2000 and Hyundais purchase order dated 15 April 2000. It was specified in the letter that Dyna-Jet would use a 150 HP truck mounted jetting unit with a pressure of 12,500 PSI. and that they would be paid based on the number of hours they worked.

Dyna-Jets case

3. Dyna-Jet states that they carried out the works from 22 May 2000 until 10 August 2000, when they stopped further work because Hyundai refused to pay them on invoices rendered for work already done. 60 worksheets dated from 22 May 2000 to 10 August 2000 signed by Hyundais representative confirming the number of hours worked and stating " I agree that the above described work has been carried out to my satisfaction " have been produced by Dyna-Jet in support of their case.

Hyundais case

4. Hyundais case, as stated in their 1st affidavit filed on 2 November 2000 is that Dyna-Jet in operating their jetting unit, failed to apply a pressure of 12500 PSI. The jetting machine was mostly worked at only 3000 to 4000 PSI. Only at times, was the jetting unit worked at a maximum of 8500 PSI. The concrete blockages were not properly cleared and Hyundai had to employ another contractor, Rentokil to re-do the works. A preliminary test of the works carried out by their consultants Brown and Root on 27 July 2000 yielded unsatifactory results and showed that the water flow in most lines was very slow, which could only mean that the blockages were not properly cleared. By not working the jetting unit at the required PSI pressure, Dyna-Jet had failed to complete the expected length of the grout blockages within their hours worked, thereby causing delay to Hyundais works, for which liquidated damages could be levied by the Ministry of the Environment at the rate of $70 000 per day. In their letter of 10 August 2000, Hyundai offered to pay Dyna-Jet, 68% of the rendered bill, calculated by dividing the PSI pressure of 8 500 by 12 500. Hyundai claims that they have a set...

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